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Mens Initiative 2019

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The aim of the initiative is simply to encourage males of all ages, but in particular those over the age of 30, to become more active and increase their level of physical activity.

Recent research by the Irish Sports Council (ISC) has shown that males 30 years of age and older have a tendency to become detached from sport and physical activity.  This is in direct line with the general age males tend to stop playing team sports and although individualised sports such as swimming, running and cycling have all seen a resurgence in recent years especially within the female population there is a steady drop-off within the male population over 30 years of age within sport and physical activity.

The aim of this initiative is simply to provide a gateway into something more challenging but yet attainable, to give those from all sporting and non-sporting backgrounds alike, a chance to push their own physical capabilities in a safe and non-competitive setting. We aim to prove that life and physical activity can begin at 30, and what better way than to try a triathlon and see what all the fuss is about in what has become Irelands fastest growing individual sport.


  • The 6 week programme includes 5-week training programme with two sessions per week, one in the pool and one bike/run training session.with a try-a-tri event to finish

  • Swim sessions will be held on Sundays in the sports complex starting 5th May 6pm-7pm (on first night please come along for 5pm for introduction)

  • Brick sessions (Bike & Run) will be held on Wednesdays in Doorly Park 7pm till 8.30pm starting 8th May

  • The closing Try-a-Tri event will take place on the weekend of 9th June (please only enter if you can make the closing event)

  • Try-a-tri will consist of 250m swim/10km bike/3.5km run

  • The total cost for the training, event & insurance is only €60 (we are very grateful so Sligo Sport & Recreation Partnership & Sports Ireland for agreeing to heavily subsidise this event)


Open to males with limited or no previous experience within triathlon. Some may have taken part as a member of a relay team or some may have experience within multi-sport events such as adventure racing but the idea behind the initiative is to target those that are completely new to the sport and of course those new to sport in general.

  • Fitness levels and age profile will vary massively and those with underlying health conditions should be screened by a medical professional before being allowed to commence training.

  • Participants must obtain any manner of safe, road worthy bicycle as cycling skills will be lacking in many and the bike will be needed for the duration of the initiative.


·      Over 12 hours of quality coaching & an event for only €10/week

·      Learn to swim, bike and run in a controlled, safe, fun and non-competitive environment

·      Receive excellent tips on triathlon, nutrition, injury prevention and recovery from highly experienced coaches

·      Training for three sports is challenging but has huge health benefits as the body has to adapt and variety really is the key to longevity within sport.

·      Obvious stepping stone for anyone considering triathlon as a progression in sport but unsure of how to go about it


Registration closed Step 2 & 3 available for those who have already applied


Once you complete the pre form please complete event payment below

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When you receive confirmation from us sign up for your insurance with Triathlon Ireland (€25 Non Club Member training only option)

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