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Members Structured Training

Members Structured Training

We had a fantastic response to the structured training, so much so that we are delighted to be launching the following training programmes.

·        Sprint – 12 week programme

·        Olympic - 12 week programme

·        Half-ironman- 20 week programme

·        Swim – 12 week programme

The training programmes are now under construction by our most experience coaches.

What to Expect

·        The training programme will be specific to your main race goal.

·        It will be delivered in a four hour workshop on the 19th February in the Glass House 6-10pm.

·        The work shop will be designed to educate and prepare you in achieving your goals.

·        We will have the first review of your training before the club meeting on the 5th of March and then again six weeks after that.

·        You will not be alone, as you will be grouped with club members that have similar goals.

·        The programme will be laid out over the 12/20 weeks and that are easy to understand and follow.

·        Structured training will guarantee results.

Work Shop Glass House February 19th 6-10pm

·        Main goal and sub-goal setting workshop to focus the mind

·        Presentations on the different phases of training

·        Injury prevention and injury set back

·        Nutrition

·        Open water swimming

·        Bike speed and aero-dynamics

·        Competition and race mentality

·        Specific grouped based education on your specific programme

·        Motivation

·        Questions and answers and feedback


·        The cost per member will be €40 

Training Programmes

The Reason

Group training is the main reason people stay in triathlon, training and completing as an individual can be hard work and even harder to stay motivated. So this is your opportunity to be part of a community with people of similar ability and goals. Ask yourself, are you ever satisfied with your fitness? Why, because most people start things with great intension and tend to lose interest. With our community based structured training losing interest will not be an option.  You will be part of a team that will be lead by an experienced coach. You will have a plan and support to help achieve your goals.

So let’s take the journey together, train smart, make new friends and have some fun along the way.


The Coaching Team Sligo Tri