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Club Member Wacky Races

Wacky Races 2016

This series of races is for everybody in the club. It will done in such a way that it will be competitive for everyone who participates in a fun and friendly environment. This race series is a way for club members to get out and meet each other. It is time to start rubbing shoulders with your fellow club members and getting to know one another. Threshold is a very good space to meet people in as it’s full of endorphins. So don’t think about it just do it, pre-registration is essential. See you all in at the races.
Wacky Wednesday Members Only Tri League.

To assist with registration prepaid entry is essential. The entry will be €12 per person for the whole series and you can only enter and register online. These are ideal events for new & old club members to prepare for the season ahead. The league will be handicapped so everyone can compete and it is the perfect time for some quality brick workouts and transition practice. For insurance purposes you have to be a paid up member of Tri Ireland and Sligo Tri club. You must complete four events to be in the running for the prizes and quadruple points are awarded for marshalling. You must marshal one event in the series. The club coaches will take responsibility for organising each race and will be on hand for advice and tips for the newbie’s. We will be meeting at 6:30 pm with a 7pm start time. Marshalls will be assigned to each race along with a coach once registration is complete. If you fail to marshal on your allotted night or don’t arrange cover, you will not be racing the following week.

The handicap system will be done on the night and will probably consist of two start times with the stronger athletes going last. The handicap will be designed to have all participants finishing within a few minutes of each other. This is a chance for the weaker members to come to the fore to try and out gun the stronger members of the club. 

Race Schedule and Dates
1. Individual Duathlon – 1.5 k/ 10 k / 1.5k - (April 13th) - 6:45PM-Complex
2. Mixed Team Duathlon – 1.5 k / 10k / 1.5k - (May 11th)-Complex
3. Individual Super sprint – 400m/10k/2.5k - (May 25th)-Rossespoint
4. Team Brecca Format - 250/1.5/250/1.5/250/1.5km Swim/Run (June 15th)-Hazelwood
5. Mixed Team Surf Champs – 250m/ 1.5km x 4 per team (July 6th) –Surf boards are allowed for weaker swimmers
6. Individual Super sprint – 400m/10k/2.5k–(July 27th) –Hazelwood-Sprint Course
7. Mixed Team Aquaton with Obstacles – 500m/3km (August 17th)-Rossespoint

We will be putting allot of effort into organising these events so please support them. They will be a fantastic mid-week sharpener for all abilities. We intend having refreshments after two of the events with and good knees up for the final race of the series. These socials will be covered as part of the registration fee. For insurance reasons we can only carter for fifty members, so its first come first served. We have 160 members in the club don’t get caught sitting on the fence. 
Race dates may be moved a day either way depending on weather conditions-Safety First
If members want they can race individual sections of races in line with their ability or restrictions due to injury etc. Swims may be lengthened as a handicap measure for stronger swimmer at the discretion of the race director depending on conditions on the evening of the race.
So something for everyone- Fun Fun Fun