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2016 Club Sprint Event

Sligo Triathlon Club Sprint Event 2016 - Race Information


Sat 23rd April: 18:30 - 20:00 Sligo Sports Complex

Sun 24th April:  Waves 1 - 4;         7:00 a.m. – 8:20 a.m.

                        Waves 5 - 8;         7:00 a.m. -  9:00 a.m



Race briefing:

Waves 1 - 4              8:30 a.m. Main Hall

Waves 5 - 8              10:15 a.m. Main Hall


9:00                1st        Wave Race Start      300m

9:20                2nd       Wave Start                 300m

9:40                3rd       Wave Start                 750m

10:10              4th        Wave Start                 750m

10:35              5th        Wave Start                 750m

11:00              6th        Wave Start                 750m

11:25              7th        Wave Start                 750m

11:45              8th        Wave Start                 750m


10:30              1st Finishers expected

12:30              Refreshments in Indoor Sports Hall

13:30              Prize Giving

These are approximate times and the swim waves might be quicker than anticipated so make sure to arrive with plenty of time to spare!

The race is being run out of the Sligo Regional Sports Complex in Sligo.

Athletes will be allocated a wave start ON THE MORNING.

Getting there (Directions to the Sports Complex):

Dublin/Galway Direction

-       Coming in the old Dublin/Galway road take the left exit that says, Markievicz Park, Carraroe, Retail Park etc.

-       Head for the 2nd exit heading for Sligo Town. There is an electrical shop on your left (Clifford’s).

-       Drive straight through roundabout at the retail park (on right) and past the Sligo Park Hotel on your right.

-       Slow down for the traffic lights at Markievicz Park, go through these lights and take the road immediately to your right.

-       Sligo Racecourse is at the bottom of this road and is signposted as is the Regional Sports Centre.

-       At the bottom of this road, turn right, and then take the first road left as you drive past the racecourse.

-        The Sports Complex is further down this road, you can’t miss it!

Donegal/Derry/Northern Direction

Due to 1916 celebrations taking place you would have cleaner access staying on the N4 and going straight through Sligo out the Dual carriage way , through the Summerhill roundabout, passing the Caltragh exit take the next Exit for Sligo Retail Park/Sligo Park Hotel keeping left to the roundabout.

-       Take the first exit heading for Sligo Town. There is an electrical shop on your left (Clifford’s).

-       Drive straight through roundabout at the retail park (on right) and past the Sligo Park Hotel on your right.

-       Slow down for the traffic lights at Markievicz Park, go through these lights and take the road immediately to your right.

-       Sligo Racecourse is at the bottom of this road and is signposted as is the Regional Sports Centre.

-       At the bottom of this road, turn right, and then take the first road left as you drive past the racecourse.

-        The Sports Complex is further down this road, you can’t miss it!


CAR Parking

All traffic will be directed into Sligo Racecourse which is 100m from Sligo Sports Complex.

Race Details:


  • To facilitate group use of the pool you will be pre-allocated a swim lane based on the estimated swim time stated on your entry form. You will be notified of this and your wave start at the check in desk.
  • The first 2 waves will swim 12 lengths of the pool making 300m.
  • All other swimmers will swim 30 lengths of the pool making 750m.
  • Wave one and two will have 15 minutes to complete the required length of swim, wave 3, 30 minutes and all other waves will have 20 minutes. Anyone failing to complete the full distance before the cut off times must complete the length that they are on when the whistle goes and then immediately leave the pool. Anyone failing to make the cut-off may complete the race.
  • Swimmers will be notified by lane counters when they have 2 lengths left to swim.  


When competitors register, they will receive 1 race number, 1 helmet sticker, 1 bike sticker. When entering/exiting transition, you will need to have your bib number and stickers attached to your helmet and bike. Only athletes are allowed into transition, and no bikes/helmets will be allowed in or out of transition unless stickers match the competitor’s race number. No exceptions!!


  • On exiting the pool athletes will make their way to transition as directed by marshals. This is via the exit door at the top end of the swimming pool (deep end). Transition will be set up in the car park immediately outside the exit door at the side of the complex. A map of transition will be provided on the day. No running is allowed between exiting the pool until exiting the side door of the complex to avoid athletes slipping and getting injured.
  • The changing rooms are a sterile area. No personal clothing should be left here at all, as the pool opens to the public shortly after the swim leg finishes and we cannot guarantee the safety of your belongings. All equipment/clothing needed to complete the race should to placed in transition beside your bike, and all other belongings packed away safely. All bags and boxes must however be cleared from transition before it closes on the morning. Competitors are allowed to leave some race gear in the changing rooms while they are doing the swimming leg of the race, however if this gear is moved or stolen it is at the competitors own risk.
  • Only athletes and marshals are permitted in the transition area. Please inform all your friends and family that they are not permitted in the transition area AT ANY TIME. This is in the interest of safety and security.
  • All athletes must fasten their helmet BEFORE removing their bike from the rack. Failure to do so will result in a correction by race marshals – failure to obey marshals or to rectify the problem will result in a time penalty and/or disqualification. It’s for your own safety so please obey all instructions.
  • Bikes cannot be mounted until you reach the mount-line outside the transition area. This will be made clear on the day.
  • You must then walk /run with your bike to the transition exit and mount your bicycle carefully where instructed by the marshals.
  • Mounting line for your bicycle will be on the opposite side of the Cleveragh Drive where the Sport Complex is located. Garda/Marshals will be present to stop traffic (this will be a closed road) and will aid road crossing. When instructed athletes must stop and wait to such times as its safe to cross the road. Obey Garda/Marshals at all times at this junction.
  • You must not mark or highlight with balloons, flags or any device your own transition spot. Each competitor will have an allocated spot in transition and racking will be numbered.
  • All gear bags and excess bags/tubs etc must be removed by competitors from transition area prior to the start of the race.
  • Any bags left in transition will be removed by organisers.
  • Your bicycle and helmet must be in perfect working order before entering transition.
  • You must not impede any other athlete or gear of other athlete in any way – this includes throwing/placing you gear on top or near that of others, knocking/interfering intentionally or accidentally any equipment of any other athlete.
  • Ignoring the instructions result in disqualification – so take it easy, stay cool , calm and collected and enjoy the race – Marshals are there to make sure you have a safe race – so listen to them and be courteous at all times.

Safety on the bike:

  • Give way to traffic – the roads are not closed so ordinary RULES OF THE ROAD APPLY
  • Stay in the “hard shoulder” where provided at times and stay into the left hand side at all times unless passing out – anyone cycling outside the hard shoulder (where provided) will be penalized.
  • Bike helmets must be fastened for the full duration of the cycle section of the race. Athletes with unfastened helmets will be penalised or disqualified.
  • If weather conditions are very windy, the use of disc wheels will not be permitted. If proposing to use a disc wheel, please bring a replacement spoked wheel as an alternative.


  • Rules of the road apply.
  • Please respect and adhere to marshals instructions at key junctions.
  • Be careful of the road verges and poor road surfaces in places, it’s been a tough winter!
  • These are secondary roads and should be fairly quiet on a Sunday morning but please be vigilant of potential cars on the route.
  • The cycle route will take you out of the leisure centre, turn left through Tonaphubble onto the Holywell Road, left past Aughamore, through the Dromahair Junction to Jink’s Cross where you will turn left onto the Ballygawley Road with the turnaround point at Callaghan’s Pub and back on the same route to the Leisure Centre.

Bike course in detail



  • Drafting is the term to describe the act of taking shelter behind or beside another competitor or vehicle, within the “Draft Zone” during the cycling segment.
  • Competitors are not allowed to Draft and all competitors must reject any attempt by others to draft.
  • A competitor who does not clearly avoid violating the drafting rules may receive a penalty.
  • The “Draft Zone” is a rectangle surrounding every competitor that is 3 metres wide and extends to 10 metres behind the front wheel of the competitor’s bicycle. The front edge of the front bicycle wheel will define the centre of the leading 3 metre edge of the rectangle. A competitor may enter the draft zone but must be seen to be making forward progress. A maximum of 15 seconds will be allowed for a competitor to pass through the draft zone. (ITU/ETU RULE 2003)
  • The draft zone of one competitor may not overlap the draft zone of another competitor.
  • A competitor is overtaken when the front wheel of another competitor’s bicycle is ahead of theirs. It is then his/her responsibility to drop out of the draft zone, either sideways, or by dropping back. Failure to drop back the required 10 meters will be deemed to be drafting.
  • Side by side riding is not allowed.
  • It is not allowed to gain unfair advantage by drafting on officials’ escort vehicles or vehicles being used by media etc. Minimum bicycle/vehicle separation will be 35 metres long by 5 metres wide.
  • A competitor may enter a bicycle draft zone (subject to the official’s judgment) in the following circumstances:
  •  If the competitor enters the draft zone, and progresses through it within 15 seconds,
  • For safety reasons
  • At the exit or entrance of a transition area, roundabout (20m) on-off ramps, at turnaround bridges
  • At an acute turn
  • If race officials exclude a section of the course because of narrow lanes, construction works, detours, or for other safety reasons.

  • Marshals can instruct cyclists to “pull back” without giving penalties but also note that it is not necessary to give warnings of drafting, if marshals deem an offence to be worthy of a penalty. 1st Penalty is 4mins 2nd Penalty will result in immediate disqualification.
  • If you are shown a yellow card by a marshal you will receive a time-penalty and you MUST report to the penalty box in transition to serve this penalty prior to your run. Draft Marshall will record your race number and feed this back to transition officials.  


From transition at the leisure centre you will cross the road where you begin the 5km run around the run path and finish back at the leisure centre. The start of the run is via a right turn and then proceed along the run path. It is an initial gradual climb.

It will be 3 laps of this route (see map).


If weather permits (the riverside isn’t flooded) and for your mental sanity a one lap trail run along the shores of Lough Gill will be implemented. You will begin anti clockwise on the run path across from the complex. At the back of this path above there is an exit onto a trail run along the lake. You will run along the lake on your right for approx 2K (passing the boat shed) and continuing on across 2 foot bridges to the end of the wooded area, taking a sharp left you will come back along the cycle lane passing the playground and again passing the boat shed heading straight for the complex, you will turn left at the metal bollards onto the gravel track which will bring you back onto the park run, turning right you will see the finish line midway on the hill ahead !


We, the organisers have put a lot of effort into making sure that you will have a safe and enjoyable race. Remember that we, the Marshals and Gardai can only do so much to ensure your safety throughout the race, especially on roads open to traffic during the race.

It’s up to you, the competitor, to use COMMON SENSE through the race to ensure you and your fellow competitors’ well-being.